Photography by Maria Porter

About Metrose Perth Ceiling Fitters

Metrose Ceilings has developed the reputation of providing prompt and efficient services which has earned the trust of the following residential builders:

  • Webb & Brown-Neaves
  • Glenway Homes
  • Domination Homes
  • Tony Princi Homes
  • National Homes
  • WA Housing
  • Commodore Homes
  • Stratawise
  • Taurus Homes
  • Avon Homes
  • JA Construction
  • Savvy Construction

Metrose Ceilings Commercial

Our commercial ceilings sector provide services including on-site supervision of a large quality trade base with an emphasis on commercial building timelines and constraints. Our extensive experience allows us to provide design and construction services to architects and commercial builders, including innovative new products and designs. Metrose Ceilings has completed projects with the following commercial builders:

  • PACT Construction
  • Abacus Projects
  • JA Constructions